The careful, dynamic and efficient organization of the company's marketing communication, by coordinating the sale network and the direct marketing activities is undoubtedly a great competitive advantage.

The use of various communication channels, the CRM platform, our cooperation with other companies, the use of the most adequate communication techniques for the target segment, the competence and professionalism of our operators, and also the advanced survey tools, all lead to sales increase and provide precise and accurate sale support services.

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The first level of support involves solving common problems the most frequent in everyday use of the various equipments and softwares.

Second level support deals with the more complex calls transferred from the first level, which require expertise in different fields: Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Networking, etc.

Customer Care is a dedicated service which is based on customer interaction management, taking care of requested information, complaints or requests for support or assistance.

Trough the CRM system, all the observations and recommendations of the customers, are managed by a dedicated team, conducting quality services, which offer reliable solutions in a short period of time.

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The back office services are a vital component in a successful business that coordinates and ensures sales, contracts or data base management in an organized and efficient way.

• Listening and monitoring calls
• Creating the post call surveys
• Create polls post service via SMS


Creating multi-lingual customer environments and coaching teams. Romanian | English | Italian | French | German | Spanish | Russian | Hungarian

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